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    To be printed in the Newsletter of the European Society of Biomechanics.
    For maximum circulation it is also put on Biomech-L


    We need to belong. We humans need to have kinfolk with whom to relate on
    important subjects. We need a clan, a bunch of important people - important
    in the sense that they wrestle with the same problems that we have chosen
    to be worth while - among whom we can interact and strive for excellence
    and recognition. Such may be, I believe, the reasons why societies like
    the ESB exist. In today's world with scientific advancement of
    unprecedented depth and penetration theses kins are not found next door or
    among the colleagues at everyday work, because they are interested in
    something else. So we have to search for our kin internationally and
    modern information technology permits us to do so; e-mail and Internet
    provide us with virtually unlimited and instant access to anybody, no
    matter how physically far away. Hence international societies materialize
    around any conceivable topic. Did you know why München was short on hotel
    rooms in 1995 when the EFORT/EORS met? Because the international "Star
    Trek society" met ther at the same time. You know, aficionados of the
    American soap science fiction space travel TV overindulgence. Not, we
    believe, such an important society but much larger than ours; perspectives
    From this follows that Societies need to be appropriately run, that is that
    they need to be run in a way so that all the members feel that they
    appertain. That is the "raison d'être" of the Societies. An issue in this
    respect may be that the officers of the executive body of the society must
    be known by and representative of the membership body at large.
    In an inspired and heartful letter on the Biomech-L last November, Marco
    Viceconti brings up what he percieves to be a problem of the Society. Many
    of you have read his letter, those who have not should go and have a look
    for it. He writes that the election process is too controlled, there is
    too little democracy and that the control of the Society remains in the
    hands of a few persons. I agree with much what he writes about the
    election process although not with all of the cures he proposes. "Any
    member may candidate him or herself as a board member". I believe that is
    possible today and that is, in fact, a part of the problem. Any person
    doing so has little chance to get elected.
    Some of you may recall that initiatives were taken at the ESB conference in
    Toulouse to refreshen the election process in the shape of a search
    committee in the ESB. The idea is that any member of the Society can
    approach members of the search committee at any time on issues regarding
    the way the society is run. Before the meeting in Dublin, the search
    committee will formulate proposals regarding members of the council to be.
    Any suggestion for new members on the board will be welcomed.
    Importantly, the search committee is independent from the council. The
    two bodies should, of course, work in close collaboration, ensuring both
    continuity and renewal. The idea was approved by the general assembly at
    the Toulouse meeting. but for formal reasons, the search committee could
    not be appointed there; change in the statutes and by-laws must be take at
    two consecutive general assemblies. Interimistically , however, I was
    appointed to head the search committee during the coming 2-year period. I
    have asked Aurelio Cappozzo and Eric Schneider to join me, forming a
    north-south axis through Europe.

    Prof.. Aurelio Cappozzo
    Laboratorio di Biomeccanica
    Instituto di Fisiologia Umana
    1e Universita degli Studi: La Sapienza
    Piazale Aldo Moro 5
    00185 Roma
    tel: +39 6 495 9256/+39 6 490 673
    fax: +39 6 445 2303/+39 6 445 2824

    Prof.dr. Erich Schneider
    AO Research Institute
    CH-7270 Davos Platz
    tel: +41 81 4142441 (direct 2440)
    fax: +41 81 4142288
    E-mail Leif Ryd
    Department of Orthopedics
    University Hospital
    S.221 85 Lund
    tel: 046-17 15 10
    Fax: 046-13 07 32

    Any member of the ESB is free to approach any one of us on these issues.
    The search committee is now working and will formulate suggestions for the
    election to take place in Dublin.

    Leif Ryd

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