Funding also is good!

There is a postdoctoral opening in the Bone and Joint Center of
Henry Ford Hospital. This is an NIH funded position with four more
years in the current grant period. The project is to investigate the
relationship between bone biochemistry, apparent bone properties and
trabecular level stresses for the human spine and proximal tibia.

Techniques to be used include: microcomputed tomography, finite element
modeling, mechanical testing and matrix growth factor biochemistry.

The position is in the laboratory of Dr. David Fyhrie. The project will
be jointly managed with Dr. Gary Gibson who will lead the investigation
of bone chemistry.

Please contact Dr. David P. Fyhrie by either mail or e-mail.

Head, Section of Biomechanics
Bone and Joint Center, E&R 2015
Henry Ford Hospital
2799 W. Grand Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48202

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