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Book ann.: Restoration of Walking for Paraplegics

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  • Book ann.: Restoration of Walking for Paraplegics

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    On 27 February, I posted an announcement about the European Society for
    Engineering and Medicine. Today, I received its second Newsletter from
    the European Community offices in Brussels, with some book announcements.
    My congratulations to Prof. U. Faust in Stuttgart, Biomch-L subscriber
    and ESEM Secretary-General / Newsletter Editor, with his success in per-
    suading the EC to distribute this material!

    Enclosed were two flyers on EC publications; in one of them, the following
    book was announced:

    Antonio Pedotti & Maurizio Ferrarin (Eds), Centro di Bioingegneria, Milano/I:
    RESTORATION OF WALKING FOR PARAPLEGICS -- Recent Advancements and Trends.
    1992, 387 pp., soft cover, ISBN: 90 5199 094 4
    Price: NLG 175, GBP 55, US$ 95 (*)

    This reference is the result of the CEC COMAC BME Concerted Action
    Mobility Restoration for Paralysed Persons, in which walking restoration
    was a key topic.
    Leading international experts are addressing interdisciplinary topics
    like pathophysiology of posture and gait, quantitative assessment of gait,
    and stimulation and control strategies.
    This work brings up-to-date the main findings and current R&D in Europe
    on walking restoration for paraplegic patients, ranging from pure mechanical
    devices to functional electrical stimulation and hybrid systems.


    Chapter 1. Acquired knowledge in the pathophysiology of posture and gait.
    Contributors: B.J. Andrews, R. Aurenty, R.H. Baxendal, S. Bouisset, Y.
    Burnod, R. Caminiti, P. Crenna, A. Deat, M. Dufosse', B.B. Edin, H.J.
    Jansen, J.C. Jarvis, R.S. Johansson, J. Kleditsch, J. Massion, U. Mielke,
    L. Mouchnino, K. Schimrigk, H.J. Schultze, T. Sinkjaer, E. Toft, A. Wer-
    nig, M.W. Whittle, M. Zattara.

    Chapter 2: Quantitative assessment of gait.
    Contributors: J.A. van Alste', L. Arendt-Nielsen, G. Baardman, R.H. Basen-
    dale, M. Ferrarin, C. Frigo, H.J. Grootenboer, H.J. Hermens, J.M. Julian,
    J.N. Katakis, R.F.M. Kleissen, H.F.J.M. Koopman, A.G.M. Lissone, I. Mag-
    nussen, R. Palmieri, E. Peruchon, P. Rabischong, T. Sinkjaer, J. Stallard.

    Chapter 3: Stimulation strategies.
    Contributors: J.A. van Alste', B.J. Andrews, T. Bajd, J.M. Detriche, M.
    Ferrarin, A. Kralj, D. Kernell, E. Rabischong, P. Rabischong, A. Riwan,
    S. Salmons, J. Stallard, R. Turk, P.H. Veltink.

    Chapter 4: Control strategies and sensors.
    Contributors: J.A. van Alste', O.T. Andersen, B.J. Andrews, T. Bajd, R.W.
    Barnett, R.H. Baxendale, F. Biering-Soerensen, G.J. Burger, K. Dahl, H.M.
    Franken, J. Haase, S.D. Hansen, M.K. Haugland, E.U. Haxthausen, T. Helga-
    son, J.A. Hoffer, W. d'Hollosy, C.A. Kirkwood, A. Kralj, J.P. Micallef,
    A.J. Mulder, A. Nu"tzel, G.F. Phillips, T. Sinkjaer, P.H. Veltink, G.
    Vossius, A.Th.M. Willemsen.

    Chapter 5: Clinical strategies.
    Contributors: M. Garrett, H.J. Hermens, C. Meehan, F. Puglisi, E. Rabi-
    schong, D.N. Rushton, S.B. Shakoor, J. Stallard, A. Tricot, G. Zilvold.

    ORDERING INFORMATION (either directly or via your usual supplier):

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    van Diemenstraat 94, NL - 1013 CN AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands
    FAX +31.20.620 3419 (also for rush orders world-wide)

    For the UK and Ireland:
    IOS Press / Lavis Marketing
    73 Lime Walk, Headington, Oxford OX3 7AD, U.K., Fax +44.865.74 2024

    For the USA and Canada:
    IOS Press, Inc.
    P.O. Box 10558, Burke, VA 22009-0558, U.S.A., Fax +1.703.250-4705

    Payment: (*) to be billed (postage and charges will be added)
    (*) payment encl. (no postage and handling for single book orders)
    (*) by credit card (American Express,/ Euro/Master, VISA, Diners)
    State card #, type, and exp. date.

    US$ rate for US and Canadian customers only
    NLG prices are definitive
    Customers in The Netherlands please add 6 % VAT/BTW
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