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FOUND: Source of Photocopied Anthropometric Data (Responses)

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  • FOUND: Source of Photocopied Anthropometric Data (Responses)

    Fellow list members:

    Thanks to everyone who responded for their help. The photocopied data has
    been identified as:

    Henry Dreyfuss & Associates (1967) The Measure of Man: Human Factors in
    Design, 2nd edition. Whitney Library of Design, 18 East 50th Street, New
    York 22, New York. A division of Whitney Publications, Inc. Library of
    Congress Catalog Card Number 67-26109.

    This was described as a portfolio-type of publication. One member was kind
    enough to offer the following detailed description.

    It is supplied in a "folder" with two folds. Each of the three sections
    created by the folds contains a different component of the product.
    The "product" is large by normal "book" standards. Each of the three
    folds is 10.5" by 13". When the two folds are opened, the entire document
    is 31.5" wide and 13" tall.

    Section 1 holds:

    A1 Standing Adult Male (Front View)
    A2 Standing Adult Male (Side View)
    B1 Standing Adult Female (Front View)
    B2 Standing Adult Female (Side View)
    C Male and Female Children
    D Basic Visual Data
    E Hand Measurements of Men, Women and Children
    F Foot Measurements and Basic Foot Controls
    G1 Adult Male Standing at a Control Bad
    G2 Adult Female Standing at a Control Board
    H1 Adult Male Seated at Console
    H2 Adult Female Seated at Console
    I Adult Male Seated in Vehicle
    J Human Strength--Body Clearances--Climbing Data--Ingress & Egress
    K Basic Display Data
    L1 Basic Control Data (Part I)
    L2 Basic Control Data (Part II)
    M Space Standards
    N Access Openings
    O Seating
    P Consoles
    Q Bicycles
    R Environmental Tolerance Zones
    S1 Three Basic Body Types (Side View)
    S2 Three Basic Body Types (Front View)
    T Plans for an Articulating Template of the Average Man
    U Growth of the Average Man and
    Growth of the Average Woman U.S.A. (Double Chart)
    V1 Climatic Accommodation--Adult Male (Standing)
    V2 Climatic Accommodation--Adult Male (Seated)

    Section 2 holds:

    Two Life Size Figure Charts, Suitable for Mounting (25" by 76")

    Section 3 holds:

    A thin, 20-page booklet entitled: "The Measure of Man, Human Factors in

    Part 1: Explanations
    General Information

    Part 2: Check List
    Manual Controls
    Visual Displays
    Auditory Signals
    Sensory Signals
    Anthropometric Conformity

    Appendix I Reaction Time
    Appendix II Velocity of Limb Movement
    Appendix III Minimum Visual Angles
    Appendix IV Color Environment
    Appendix V Noise, Sound Hearing and Speech
    Appendix VI Mechanical Vibration
    Appendix VII Watchkeeping
    Appendix VIII Human Versus Machine Capabilities
    Appendix IX X-Ray Data for Children

    Part 3: Bibliography

    Additionally, the following was sent to me as well.

    Henry Dreyfuss Associates is a Human Factors Design firm (800) 957-8662.
    They have a WEB site

    Sounds awfully like the HumanScale 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9 series data, although
    that was published much later than 1966. I have 2 of the 3 references handy:
    Diffrient, N., Tilley, A.R., and Bardagjy, J.C.. 1974. Humanscale 1/2/3
    Manual, A project of Henry Dreyfuss Associates. Cambridge MA: MIT Press.

    Diffrient, N., Tilley, A.R., and Harman, D.. 1981. Humanscale 7/8/9 Manual,
    A project of Henry Dreyfuss Associates. Cambridge MA: MIT Press.

    The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors
    in Design. (1993) Henry Dreyfuss Associates. Whitney
    Library of Design, an imprint of Watson-Guptill Publications.

    I also searched for various books by Henry Dreyfuss, and found a
    couple of other leads. It also appears the Smithsonian had a Dreyfuss
    exhibit in 1997. Information about this can be found at

    Another source for anthropometric data was recommended as well:

    The most comprehensive and up-to-date anthropometric information can be
    found in "1988 Anthropometric Survey of U.S. Army Personnel: Methods and
    Summary Statistics." This enormous study was conducted by Claire C. Gordon,
    Thomas Churchill, Charles E. Clauser, etc. and the final report was
    published in September 1989 as Technical Report Natick/TR-89-044. It is
    often referred to by the acronym "ANSUR88" and you can obtain the raw data
    from CERIAC, formerly, now HSIAC, at Wright Patterson AFB. Go to for a description of the information
    on how to contact HSIAC (rather than CERIAC).

    Once again, thanks to everyone to contributed to this email.

    Derek Helenberger

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