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    WLN provides free use of the WLN Easy Access System through Internet

    October 16, 1992 (Rev.)

    WLN began providing free use when it inaugurated the new WLN Easy Access System
    through Internet on August 1, 1992.

    To access WLN, type TELNET WLN.COM or at your system's prompt.
    You'll see some copyright information and instructions on WLN. Then just
    follow the instructions.

    Easy Access is a new easy-to-use searching interface to the WLN online system.
    It combines and reduces the dozens of sophisticated WLN commands to a few
    essential search types. Through online user instructions and context-sensitive
    help screens, Easy Access assists the untrained or infrequent user in searching
    the WLN database.

    The WLN database currently contains nearly 7.5 million bibliographic records
    in all formats and a broad range of languages, and over 16 million holdings.
    Records are contributed regularly to the WLN database from the Library of
    Congress, U.S. Government Printing Office, National Library of Medicine,
    National Library of Canada, WLN member libraries and several other sources.

    Beginning on November 1, 1992, the cost of accessing the WLN system through
    Internet will be $15.00 per hour. Credit card billing will also be available.

    Easy Access is also available by dial-up and from leased line workstations.

    For additional information on accessing the WLN database via Internet and Easy
    Access searching, contact Rush Brandis at 1-800-DIALWLN, (206) 923-4000, or

    Search IAC reference databases free on WLN until November 1, 1992

    Three of the Information Access Company's most popular indexing and abstracting
    services are now available through WLN free of charge until November 1, 1992.
    IAC's Magazine Index/Plus, Business Index, and Expanded Academic Index
    databases are searched through WLN Easy Access, WLN's new easy-to-use searching
    interface, which is available by dial-up, WLN leased line workstations and the
    Internet. After the free trial period, libraries can continue to search the
    IAC databases on WLN after negotiating a flat rate license fee with IAC.

    Magazine Index Plus

    A comprehensive index to over 400 of the most popular and widely read magazines.
    Subject areas covered include current affairs, consumer information, travel,
    arts and entertainment. Magazine Index Plus includes the most current 60
    days' indexing of the New York Times.

    Business Index

    Business Index includes indexing of over 800 business, management, trade
    journals and newspapers, along with business-related articles from over 3,000
    other publications. It contains abstracts for approximately 150 major
    management and computer journals. Newspaper coverage includes the business and
    financial sections of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Asian Wall
    Street Journal and the Financial Times of Canada, as well as business-related
    articles from other national newspapers.

    Expanded Academic Index

    Provides indexing and abstracting of approximately 1,500 scholarly journals
    covering the humanities, social sciences, and science and technology with
    emphasis on areas of high academic interest such as communication studies,
    computer science, engineering, environmental studies and women's studies.
    Also includes the current six month's indexing of the New York Times.

    For additional information about searching IAC reference databases on WLN
    contact Rush Brandis at 1-800-DIALWLN, (206) 923-4000 or