Postdoctoral Fellowship in Rehabilitation Health Services Research

Boston University is offering three, full time, 2-year postdoctoral research
fellowships beginning September 1, 2001. The program provides
rehabilitation scientists with the opportunity to pursue health services,
research design, and statistical coursework. Fellows will collaborate on
ongoing rehabilitation research with scientists affiliated with Boston
University’s Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, School of
Public Health, and Neuromuscular Research Center. Applicants must have
completed their PhD or equivalent degree in an area related to
rehabilitation science. Application deadline is June 1, 2001. Application
instructions are available on the Internet at
For questions about application procedures, please contact Ginger Quinn,
Fellowship Coordinator. Tel.: 617-353-0550. E-mail: For
program information, please contact Alan M. Jette, PhD, Fellowship Director,
Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, Boston University, 635
Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215. Tel.: 617-353-2704. E-mail:

Patrick Boissy PhD
Research Associate
NeuroMuscular Research Center
Boston University

19 Deerfield Street (617) 358-0722 (voice)
Boston (617) 353-5737 (fax)
MA 02215 (617) 359-6665 (cell)


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