Original Request:

Does anyone know where I can find a 3-D model of the spine in .DXF, .OBJ,
3DS, .T3D, .3MF, or .B3D format?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Subj: Re: 3-D Model of Spine
Date: 8/28/00 2:35:34 PM Mountain Daylight Time
From: bmunkasy@physics1.usc.edu (Barry Munkasy)
To: BiomechYP@AOL.COM

You might try www.zygote.com

Subj: RE: 3-D Model of Spine
Date: 8/28/00 10:25:49 AM Mountain Daylight Time
From: stephen@skilltechnologies.com (Stephen Cheetham)
Reply-to: stephen@skilltechnologies.com
To: BiomechYP@AOL.COM

Dear Karen,

A company that provides 3D models is called Viewpoint Digital.

Viewpoint Digital, Inc.
11778 South Election Drive, Suite #120
Draper, Utah 84020
[1] 801-619-46007
Web Site www.viewpoint.com


Stephen Cheetham
VP Sales and Marketing.

1202 E. Maryland Ave. Ste. 1G Phoenix Arizona. USA 85014
Tel: (602) 277-7678
Fax: (602) 277-2326
Email: skill@skilltechnologies.com
Email: stephen@skilltechnologies.com
Web Page: http://www.skilltechnologies.com

Subj: RE: 3-D Model of Spine
Date: 8/28/00 9:31:54 AM Mountain Daylight Time
From: Mbliek@materialise.com (Mark Bliek)
To: BiomechYP@AOL.COM ('BiomechYP@AOL.COM')

Dear Karen,

We do not provide models, but we have software to create you own. The
software will create VRML or STL files (which can be translated into DXF
The input to create these models are CT-scans, see our website
http://www.materialsie.com for more details and to download a 30 day trial

How do you intend to use these models?

> Mark Bliek
> Sales Manager
> Materialise
> phone (734) 662 5057
> fax (734) 662 7891
> http://www.materialise.com

Subj: Re: 3-D Model of Spine
Date: 8/28/00 7:59:30 AM Mountain Daylight Time
From: Erik.Takhounts@nhtsa.dot.gov (Takhounts, Erik )
To: BiomechYP@aol.com

Try www.viewpoint.com

Subj: Re: 3-D Model of Spine
Date: 8/28/00 7:56:30 AM Mountain Daylight Time
From: maurel@civil.ist.utl.pt (Walter Maurel)
To: BiomechYP@AOL.COM (Karen Bowen (BYP))
CC: maurel@civil.ist.utl.pt (Walter Maurel)


I don't know about the file format but this is all I had found once.
You have to buy it, but it seems to be of good quality.



Walter Maurel

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