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Andean adult population anthropometry

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  • Andean adult population anthropometry

    Hello! First of all I would like introduce myself. Im
    Oscar Saorin, an Industrial Design student from Spain
    (I dont speak english very well, but Ill try), and
    Ive already finished my studies. Through the
    Intercampus program (and interchange between students
    from latinamerica and Spain) I have the chance of
    participate in a project in Peru for two months, since
    August 16th until October 16th, in the PUCP (Pontificia
    Universidad Catolica del Peru) in Lima.

    The theme of the project was proposed by Lic Marianella
    Chamorro Koc, graduate in Ohio University and
    currentlly teacher of ergonomy in the PUCP. The theme
    is about a study in the ergonomics (as known as Human
    Factors in the USA, I think) of the traditional tools
    of the andean agriculture, specially the chakitaqlla.

    For this project, since Ive arrived to Lima, Ive been
    searching for databases of anthropometry (human body
    measures and movements) of the andean adult population.

    Ive contacted with several experts (some of them
    answered me, another ones didnt) who have helped me to
    found some data, but not exactly what I was looking

    The reason of my e-mail is to ask you for a little
    information, or how getting it, of those anthropometry
    data Im looking for.I supposed maybe you could bring
    me a little help on this project.

    Thanks for your time,
    Oscar Saorin

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