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Biomech YP Update--Mechanical Dynamics

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  • Biomech YP Update--Mechanical Dynamics

    Attached is a recent update to the Biomechanics Yellow Pages (BYP).
    For more information about the BYP, please see below.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

    Mechanical Dynamics Inc.
    Irvine, CA

    One of the premier products designed, manufactured, marketed and
    serviced by Mechanical Dynamics Inc. is the FIGURE Human Modeler, an
    advanced total human simulation system used in conjunction with the
    ADAMS multi-body simulation program.

    In the FIGURE software package, three types of human body
    representations include skeletal, skin/clothed and ellipsoidal which
    are scaled from one of several anthropometric databases for male,
    female and child populations. Simulations may be performed including
    passive (crash, injury, etc.) inverse dynamics and forward dynamics.

    The integration of FIGURE with MATLAB allows sophisticated CNS type
    controllers to activate muscle models in conjunction with model
    feedback sensors for full closed loop gait simulation. A unique
    method of "motion agents" is used to account for errors in motion
    capture data and reduce the acceleration spikes in the joint torque
    functions. The human models may interact with each other or any
    physical machine or environment for true physics-based simulation.

    The types of applications performed by our customers include crash,
    injury, slips falls, gait, CNS control, sports performance, sports
    equipment, man-machine effects safety, etc.

    Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. offers consulting services and this
    product resulting from over 10 years of research and development and
    from consulting work with over 50 companies.

    Contact: Shawn McGuan
    Position: Biomechanics Research Scientist
    Address: 8001 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 1000
    Irvine, CA 92672 USA
    Phone: 949-788-0600

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

    The Biomechanics Yellow Pages is a free service, listing companies
    that offer biomechanics-related products and services. As you know,
    these companies may not post commercial announcements directly to
    Biomch-L. However, new Yellow Pages listings and updates (no more
    than once per year) are posted to Biomch-L by the maintainer of the
    Yellow Pages or the Biomch-L moderator.

    The yellow pages and information on how to submit can be found at:

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    Joy Kocar

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