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Re: C3D reader in C?

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  • Re: C3D reader in C?

    Dear Peter,

    There are several C3D editing and viewer/readers available from the C3D web
    site at - look on the downloads page at These are:

    C3dEditor - a general purpose C3D file editor.

    RData2 - translates C3D files to ASCII (Tab delimited or CAMARC DST formats).

    MLSviewer - a C3D file reader without editing capabilities.

    Full details of the C3D file format are available from the web site including
    sample C3D files that you can use to test any code that you write. If you
    decide to write your own application then we would be happy to make it
    available to other users via the C3D site.

    Edmund Cramp
    C3D web site

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    > Subject: C3D reader in C?
    > Hello,
    > I've seen the matlab C3D reader and several editing tools for
    > C3D, but
    > before I commit to writing my own C-based C3D reader, I'll ask if anyone
    > has
    > one to share.
    > Thanks,
    > Peter E. Midford
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    > Peter E. Midford
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    > Ruhr-Universität-Bochum
    > 44780 Bochum Germany
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