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  • Biomechanics Yellow Pages

    Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

    Some of you have commmented on the many recent updates to the
    Biomechanics Yellow Pages that were posted by Joy Kocar.

    The Biomechanics Yellow Pages are a free and noncommercial service
    which is an important part of Biomch-L. The BYP have been established
    as a way to make information about biomechanics-related products and
    services available in a structured manner. Without BYP, we would
    have to allow advertising or lose this type of information.

    Companies may update their BYP listing at most once per year and all
    updates and new listings are posted to Biomch-L. The recent surge in
    updates comes after a long period where no updates were made, due to
    sickness of the previous BYP coordinator, Karen Bowen. There are still
    about 12 updates queued for posting.

    For more about BYP, see .

    On a more general note: comments about Biomch-L content and/or
    moderating policies should always be sent to the moderators, at If you send such comments to the
    authors of a posting we may not hear about it.

    Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator


    A.J. (Ton) van den Bogert, PhD
    Department of Biomedical Engineering
    Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    9500 Euclid Avenue (ND-20)
    Cleveland, OH 44195, USA
    Phone/Fax: (216) 444-5566/9198

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