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Change of the Guards

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  • Change of the Guards

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    Following a fine (but rather hidden) job by Christoph Reinschmidt at the
    Human Performance Laboratory, University of Calgary for the past 3-4 months,
    Krystyna Gielo-Perczak at Victoria Institute of Technology in Australia
    (formerly of Warsaw in Poland) is kindly taking over; she can be reached
    at, but all others are available for help, too.

    In order to facilitate her job, may I call upon all of you to endeavour
    avoiding local problems? For example, if you are away for a longer period,
    either set your subscription to NOMAIL via the command

    set Biomch-L nomail

    sent to listserv@hearn.bitnet or to, or make sure
    that you have sufficient disk space lest disk overflow results in error
    messages being sent back to the original poster, the list, and/or the active
    moderator. If this happens, Krystyna will have little alternative but to set
    your address to NOMAIL and, if the problem is not resolved within a reasonable
    time, to delete you from the list.

    Krystyna, on behalf of all of us: thanks for your help!

    Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL
    Biomch-L co-moderator.