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How to find a subscriber's email address

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  • How to find a subscriber's email address

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    Further to Krystyna's posting today, I might mention once again another way
    of locating a particular user's email address, which works on LISTEARN servers
    but not necessarily on LISTSERV servers, to be used before posting a general
    CALL FOR HELP onto any list. LISTEARN is EARN's version of LISTSERV which
    operates outside EARN. The two are compatible, with subtle, individual

    By sending the command

    SHOW USER keyword

    to LISTSERV@HEARN.BITNET or to, *all* lists on
    the addressed site are scanned for `keyword' -- whether it is contained
    in a subscriber's email address or in his/her personal name of at least
    two words (i.e., containing at least one blank). Try it for your own
    name and email address.

    A slightly annoying point may be that so-called `concealed' subscribers
    (i.e., those who do not show up in reply to the REVIEW list_name command
    to a LISTEARN server hosting the relevant list) are not protected from
    this type of inquiry. However, the generated reply does not state to
    what list(s) the requested keyword matches, so some privacy is maintained.
    For example, not everyone might like to be known as a subscriber to lists
    on sensitive topics. Also, you don't have to be a subscriber to any list
    on the relevant server (I believe) to qualify for obtaining a reply to your

    For other SHOW options, you might send the command SHOW ? to the same

    Regards -- hjw.