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I had posted this question to another list but have yet to receive any

I recently purchased the 5th edition of Sprints & Relays edited by Jess
Jarver and published by Tafnews. One of the articles was 'Performance
Prerequisits and Performance Development of Young Sprinters' by Dagmar
Luhnenschloss, Joachim Griebsch, and Dieter Topel, Germany. The article was
originally published in German in Leistungssport Vol 27, No. 6., September
1997. The article that appeared was a slightly abbreviated translation by
the editor.

In the article the authors break down their search for sprinting
talent by different factors including: Anthropometric/Sport Biological
References, and Performance factors of Condition, Coordination, and
Technique. One of the subfactors of Condition was Stretching Capacity.

The aim given was: To Record changes in stretching capacity and to establish
any correlation between mobility and injury occurrences. This was to be
determined by the Janda Test.

My question to the list is: What exactly is the Janda Test and how would it
gauge these proposed changes in stretching capacity?

Tom Green

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