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Do high capture rates benefit animation?

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  • Do high capture rates benefit animation?

    Hi guys,

    My question applies more to FX/animation than sports analysis, but I hope some of you on this list will know the answer and it seems the best place to ask.

    My question is if animation benefits from capture rates greater than 24 frames per second (film) or 60 fields per second (video). i.e. Do the extreme capture rates (like 120 and 240 samples per second that the optical systems can do) benefit animation at normal speed, or are they mainly of benefit only for slow motion?

    To be real concrete, I'm curious if I'm losing anything if I only pull in every 2nd (or even every 4th) motion capture sample from a 120Hz capture file, when I'm rendering animation to video (without any slow motion). My suspicion is that I'm not losing anything, unless the 3D software incorporates this information into it's calculation of motion blur within each rendered frame, but I'm doubtful this would be a huge effect (after all motion blur tends to be... well... blurry .

    But I'm not 100% sure on this and would appreciate some feedback -


    Darren Cruse
    Freak Accident Digital Media

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