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Biosyntech Inc.
Laval Quebec, Canada

Biosyntech Inc. is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art bench-top
mechanical testers, software, and services for applications in
research, product development, quality control, and biomedical
applications. Our products and expertise are used in the detection,
identification, quantification, analysis and monitoring of
biomaterials and biological processes. We maintain an advanced
multidisciplinary R&D program to ensure the accuracy, relevance, and
durability of our technologies. Research and development focus on
the biomedical applications market.

Our family of universal bench-top mechanical testing systems can be
used to test for applications in biomaterials and biological
tissues, polymers and gels, pharmaceuticals, food, pulp and paper,
electronic packaging and more. Your particular testing need will be
met by our complete range of testing systems that are all especially
designed for long-term living specimen studies.

Contact: Lora Discenza
Position: Sales & Marketing
Address: 475 Armand Frappier Blvd.
Laval Quebec H7V 4B3
Phone: In North America: 1-866-ANALYZE (262-5903) or 450-686-2437
ext. 244
Fax: 450-686-8952
Last Update: 10/5/2000

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