Dear All,
I'm in a hunt for literature concerning the velocities of MA kicks.
Having checked out a few sources of information, I have found several
Those that I have found I have shown below, does anyone know of any
further articles which may be of use?
As is customary, I will post a summary of replies.

Blum H (1997) Physics and art of Kicking and Punching American journal
of physics 45:61-64
Feld MS (1979) Physics of Karate. Scientific American 240: 110-118
Hwang IS (1987) Analysis of the kicking leg in taekwondo ISBS 39-47
Hwang IS (1985) Biomechanical analysis of dwihuryo-chagi in
taekwondo. World TKD seminar (1) 67-79
Joon SN (1987) An analysis of the dynamics of basic TKD kicks. US
Taekwondo Journal 6:10-15
Walker JD (1975) Karate Strikes American Journal of Physics 43: 845-849
Wilk SR (1983) Physics of Karate. American journal of Physics 51: 783-790
Liu Y (1995) Comparison and Biomechanical analysis of Chinese MA
forward snap kick and forward heel kick. Chinese Martial arts research 8
Hobusch FL (1990) The karate roundhouse kick. National strength and
conditioning Journal 12(6) 6-9, 84-89
Kules B (1997) Kinematic and dynamic analysis of Ushiro Mwashi Geri.
Kinesiology. 29 (2) 42-48
Sorensen H (1996) Dynamics of the MA high front kick. Journal of sports
sciences 14(6) 483-495
Leibowitz J (1994) Taekwondo: Speed and power of the push kick. Karate-
Kungfu Illustrated 25(4) 58-61
Platt MJ (1993)The five front kicks of TKD. Karate-Kungfu Illustrated
11(10) 28-31
Freund R Karate techniques: Applies physiology and Biomechanics.
Journal of Asian MA 5:3
Pieter F (1995) Speed and force in selected TKD techniques Biology of
Sport 12(4)
Long-Ren Chang (1998) Intersegmental dynamics of Jump slap kick in
Chinese MA. ISBS proceedings1
Chung-Yu Chen (1998) Biomechanical Analysis of the straight and
flexural leg swings of the Chinese martial arts jumping front kick. ISBS

Thanks in advance,

Corinne Abraham
(University College Chichester, UK)

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