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Pacific Microinstruments, Inc.
Sierra Madre, CA, USA

Pacific Microinstruments, founded in 1999, provides products and
services in the fields of:

(1) Handheld Computing
(2) Sensor Data Acquisition
(3) Distributed Measurement & Control

We offer a rapid product development pipeline that cuts
time-to-market by 30-80%, technical services, and seamless
integration with manufacturing facilities.

In June, 2000 we launched the Extra*Digit(TM)product line in
response to a compelling and unmet need for Palm OS based
instrumentation. The Extra*Digit development effort continues to
drive our technology forward.

Contact: Eric Canuteson
Position: President
Address: 40 West Esperanza Ave.
Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Phone: 888.888.9913
Fax: 801.697.4245
Last Update: 10/5/2000

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