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PhD student: Jaw Joint mechanics

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  • PhD student: Jaw Joint mechanics

    The Department of Functional Anatomy of the Centre of Dentistry Amsterdam
    (the Netherlands) has created the opportunity to employ a

    PhD student with a Biomechanical background.

    Description of the project:
    The research program of the department deals with the general question of how
    histological, anatomical, (neuro-) physiological and mechanical properties of
    the jaw muscles, jaws and jaw joints affect the development of normal and
    abnormal form and function of the masticatory system.
    During mastication, but also during for instance teeth grinding, the jaw
    joint is loaded. The forces that are applied to the joint are guided through
    its cartilagineous structures to the bone of the lower jaw and the skull. The
    cartilage and the bone will be deformed and tensions will be generated
    locally. Both the development of the normal structure and wear of cartilage
    and bone are presumably dependent on the nature, magnitudes and distribution
    of these deformations and tensions. Therefore, the objective of the present
    project is to obtain reliable estimates of these deformations and tensions.
    While the jaw joint is unreachable for direct measurements the desired
    deformations and tensions will have to be estimated using biomechanical
    models. These models apply the Finite Element Method. Recently, a three-
    dimensional Finite Element Model of the jaw joint has been developed which
    can be used to analyse statical loading situations (for example during biting).
    The present project is aiming to extend this model to dynamical loading
    situations (chewing, for example). With this model deformations and tensions
    generated during loaded and unloaded jaw movements will have to be anlysed.
    Furthermore, the influence of jaw muscle recruitment on these deformations
    and tensions will have to be analysed. Finally, the predicted deformations
    will have to be verified with measurements as far as possible.

    MSc in the field of mechanical engineering or in a comparable field.

    Period and salary:
    Initially this position is for one year. If the candidate has been proven to
    be suitable for this job the position will be elongated with another three
    year. The final aim is the preparation and defension of a PhD thesis. The
    salary is Dfl. 3285.-- per month (gross) in the first year and will increase
    to Dfl. 4281.-- in the fourth year.

    For information:
    Dr. Ir. J.H. Koolstra, phone: +31 20 5665370,
    or Prof. Dr. T.M.G.J. van Eijden, phone: +31 20 5665374,

    Written application can be performed within three weeks, referring to vacancy
    number 00031 to: Mr. A.C. Taminiau, department of Personnel and Organization,
    Academic Centre for Dentistry, Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam,
    the Netherlands. Application via e-mail:

    Your application will be treated as confidential.

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