We are doing preliminary work for a study that will be done on the
possible role of exercise in the prevention of upper body
musculoskeletal injuries related to work, specifically with visual
language interpreter (those people are working all day long to help deaf

people in high schools and colleges (Montreal area, Qc,Canada) and have
a high rate of overuse injuries ; tendinitis, bursitis etc...)

We're looking to 2 possibles use of exercise :

1) to elevate functionnal capacity (so people would have to train
specifically 2 - 3 times / week)

2) to use exercise as a warm up procedure (if we have evidence that it
could have a effect of injuries rate and/or pain)

I've been looking in the scient. litterature on the subject, and have'nt

found a lot on it. So if anybody has something that could be related, I
would be more than interested and I engage myself to repost a summary of

my findings !

Thank you in advance !

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