Yamada's book is a good source of this data, but is sadly out of print.
Anyone know where we can buy a copy in good condition?
Ours has mysteriously disappeared, and is sorely missed :-(.

For similar data that is still in print, the best I have been able to
find is :

Data Book on Mechanical Properties of Living Cells, Tissues and Organs
Eds Hiroyuki Abe, Kozaburo Hayashi & Masaaki Sato
Spinger Verlag Tokyo, 1996 ISBN 4-431-70175-3 436 pages

> Try Yamada's book "Strength of Biological Materials". Also try searching for
> books by Evans. Good luck.
> Original Message From Patrick Garceau
> >I'm searching for data on mechanical properties of skelettal muscles i.e.
> >Young's modulus, max stress etc...I've look to numerous papers (like one's
> >on hill-type model) but they don't give the type of data I need. I want
> >these data to evaluate a muscle model so, if you have any idea of sources of
> >mechanical properties in order to compare it will be great...
> >Thanks
> Tyler A. Kress, Ph.D.
> The University of Tennessee
> (865)974-3333

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