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Shoulder sumposium during ISB 2001

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  • Shoulder sumposium during ISB 2001

    Dear all,

    As you all may know, the deadline for submission of abstract for the ISB
    meeting in Z├╝rich is november 15, 2000.
    Also, some of you may know that during the meeting the ISG are organising a
    symposium on the "Biomechanics of the Shoulder". This symposium comprises
    two consecutive sessions on:
    "Development and application of biomechanical models of the shoulder (for
    clinical applications)", and
    "the development of shoulder endoprostheses"
    Both sessions will focus on the relationship between biomechanics and the
    clinical field and will be slightly biased towards function.

    Although rather unlikely, there is the odd chance that the organisers
    ignored possibly highly relevant contributions, from other groups and
    people than those who already participate in the International Shoulder
    If you think that you could have an invaluable contribution to the symposium
    and are not yet participating in the ISG, please send me an e-mail to
    discuss details.


    DirkJan Veeger

    PS. I will be on holiday october 21 - october 28

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