This is a follow-up to my earlier posting about the fact that Vicon
Clinical Manager (VCM) will not run under Windows 2000. I received this
interesting note from Edi Cramp, which I have checked and appears to be true.

>It seems that the problem is caused by VCM attempting to locate a default
>printer. You can run VCM without any problems if you do not have a
>printer defined on the Windows 2000 system. I'd guess
>that this would be a fairly easy problem for Oxford Metrics to fix since
>it's clearly a bug in the way that they set up the printer upon initialization
>Edi Cramp

Do any of you computer gurus out there (especially ones that work for
Oxford Metrics) have any suggestions - other than not use a printer, or to
keep installing it and removing it again, depending on what software you
want to run?
Please don't email me to tell me how much you hate Microsoft, or that you
don't get problems like this with Linux - these are not constructive

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