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    To Friends Of Herman Woltring:

    Each morning here in Salt Lake City, Utah, I look forward to checking the
    BIOMCH-L list to read the latest postings and words of Herman Woltring. It
    was with great sadness that I read this morning of his passing.

    I have only known Herman through this medium; have never met him or talked
    to him. But in the short few months that I have known and conversed with
    him on matters of medical interest, I have found Herman to be a kind,
    caring and brilliant person that seems to have been able to get an immense
    amount of work done in a short time.

    On one occasion, I told Herman of my appreciation for his work. Now, with
    no way to contact him further, I am very happy that I took that little
    bit of time to tell him so. I know I will miss him.

    Herman has many friends around the world that mourn his passing.

    With respect,

    Jim Harvey
    3114 Robinwood Dr.
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84118