An open invitation:

I am extending an open invitation to all potentially those interested in
the Biomaterials Technical Committee to join.

Over the past 2 years this youngest of technical committees has sponsored
and co-sponsored several ASME activities, especially with the Solids and
Fluids divisions. For the meeting in Orlando, Biomaterials is
co-sponsoring with Materials a symposium on functional biomaterials.
Finally, we are co-sponsoring a workshop at the upcoming Society for
Biomaterials (SFB) meeting in St. Paul as a means to extend our influence
into this large and highly industry-oriented society.

However, never one to rest on his laurels, I would like to redefine and
plan for the future expansion of the committee. The way I see it,
Biomaterials encompasses both more traditional materials issues (such
polymers used in orthopedic prostheses) to tissue engineered materials.
My current view is to focus on the utilization of analytical and
experimental techniques of Mechanical Engineering (Mechanics) to address
critical problems in biomaterials not adequately addressed by other
societies (especially SFB). However, others may (and hopefully do) have
other opinions on where to take this committee. Also, we should plan on
how to take advantage of the summer meeting for sessions, symposia, etc.

I would thus like to invite all those interested to come to the
Biomaterials Technical Committee Meeting at the ASME meeting in Orlando on
Wed, 11/8, from 3-5 pm Europe 5/Ballroom level.

Hope to see you there!

-Michael Sacks

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