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  • Herman Woltring

    Dear fellow members of the biomechanics community,

    I just returned from out of town expecting to see a long list of email
    from BIOMCH-L and maybe a couple messages directly from Herman. Instead,
    I find a message which reminds me of the frailty and preciousness of life.

    Herman encouraged me over the last 5 years to continue developing locomotion
    software for public distribution. If not for him, I doubt that this would
    be on the BIOMCH-L fileserver today. He was such a source of information for
    the biomechanics community. His efforts served as a catalyst for numerous
    projects, many of which are still in their formative stages. Our greatest
    tribute to Herman will be continue these efforts.

    Now Jette and I will not be able to search for Herman at every biomechanics
    conference we attend, no matter how small or local, fully expecting to find
    him deeply engaged in conversation. His intellect was without question, his
    commitment without end, and his sincerity as a friend genuine.

    Jette and I consider it a priviledge to have known him. Our lives have been
    enhanced considerably because of Herman's all too brief presence.

    We will miss you Herman.

    Jette and Dwight Meglan
    Mayo Clinic
    Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory