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  • An Earnest Request

    Respected Sir/Madam
    This is an earnest request from an undergraduate. I am Tarang Kaushal, an Indian, doing the course of ‘Master of Computer Applications’ from ‘International Institute of professional studies’, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. I intend to take up graphics as my field. The chosen topic for my graduation project is ‘Wireframe Model Generation’, for a human face.
    There are several ways for doing the same, one of those, however, encroaches the fields of ‘Anthrpometry’. This intends to convert a
    2D-image to a 3D-model(only for the face). The inputs required by the user will be atmost three pictures- the front view, and two side views. The user will now mark a few points on the scanned in image, and using the anthropometry, we will calculate the remaining and the necessary measurements on the face, and generate a wireframe model. The limiting factor, however, is the feasibility and convenience for the end user.
    I request you to please suggest a feasible method to take measurements on the face, with the help of few landmarks marked in by the end user. Also, the minimum number of points to be marked in by the user, which will help generate all other measurements required to generate a corresponding 3D-model, along with the techniques to do the same.
    Any information regarding this will help me a lot in the completion of my project.
    Thank You,
    Yours sincerely
    Tarang Kaushal

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