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Herman, a friend and colleague

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  • Herman, a friend and colleague

    Dear Friends and Colleagues:

    It is with great regret and deep sadness that I sit here this
    evening. Just a short while ago I logged on ready to continue an
    on-going dialog with Herman. Instead I find he has been snatched
    away from us leaving a void it will be hard to fill.

    I first met Herman in 1979, when he served on my Doctoral Committee
    as an External Examiner. Our common interest in 3-D tracking
    brought us together, and in the years that followed we became
    good friends. I would often send him a note in the middle of the
    night, only to get an immediate response. He never rested.

    We will all miss his contributions and his friendship. My thoughts
    go out to his wife and family, for their loss is the greatest.

    Herman, my friend, good night once again. May you rest in peace.

    Jim Walton
    4D VIDEO
    Sebastopol, California