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3D realtime mocap-neuro systems

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  • 3D realtime mocap-neuro systems

    To all:

    3D Realtime is of interest in Neuroscience since it provides online feedback
    to both the clinician and patient. Does anyone have experiences in using
    these systems in 3D real-time?

    Recently I attended the Society for Neuroscience meetings in New Orleans. I
    also investigated the camera system used in neuro-biology and human/animal

    I had the opportunity to view several 3D systems all indicating their
    realtime features: Anima, MotionAnalysis, Northern Digital, Lafayette,
    Columbus, Vicon Motion System and Peak Performance were among the vendors.
    Northern Digital and Motion Analysis displayed live realtime systems,
    meaning that when the action was conducted by the subject the data was
    digitized and presented on computer screen instantly. Both groups
    demonstrated this feature with realtime animations and calculated data. Both
    conducted the demo in a 10 x 10 area which is very attractive since space is
    limited. ND is active marker system utilizes wired active lights, whereas
    MA is passive marker utilizing reflective markers. Motion Analysis also
    demonstrated its system with realtime graphs of EMG and Force readings and
    displayed active force vectors with a Muscular-skeletal rendering as well.

    Vicon, Peak and Anima stated their abilities for realtime but did not
    demonstrate such features live and had laptop or canned computer
    demonstrations. Lafayette and Columbus systems were qualitative oriented.

    Does anyone have experiences in using these systems in real-time in the
    clinical, sports or animal behavior world?

    Antonio Milazo

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