We would like to measure mechanical properties of cartilage tissues, both
statically and dynamically. We would like to be able to do experimental
testing such as tension, compression, shearing, creep, stress relaxation,

Some specifications that we are looking for are as follows:
Modulus Range 0.1 - 100 MPa
Frequency Range up to 100-200 Hz
High force resolution
High displacement resolution
Tissues can be tested in solution
Indenter tip size ~ 1 to 3 mm in diameter

In addition, we would also like to treat the tissue to cause some minor
'damages' at a later stage. I realize this type of experiments would
require the machine to possess much larger forces and to be more robust
(for long treatment times). It would be a bonus if the machine can also do
this type of experiments. But I can live without it.

Some machines that we are currently considering include:
Endura ( ELF 3200 Series)
Rheometric Scientific (DMTA V)
TA Instruments (DMA 2980)
Netzsch (DMA 242)
MIT (858 Mini Bionix II Test System)

If any one has used any of these machines, has some comment or advice to
these experiments, or would like to suggest other machine, a response
would be highly appreciated.

Yang Xia
Dept of Physics, Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309, USA

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