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Position/Title – Biomechanical Animation Technician
Company - Modern Uprising Studios
Contact -
Keith Robinson

Work with a growing Motion Capture studio utilizing biomechanic software
to create specialized "skeletal" data for use in animation production.
The "skeletal" data created can range from human performers, to props
(i.e. mountain bikes or baseball bats), to animal performers (i.e. dogs,
horses, etc.), to Hand/Face Captures. This person will not only utilize
cutting-edge software, but he/she will be an integral part in the "mocap"
process which would involve optical marker placement on the subjects for
the "research & development" of the continued evolution of our
biomechanical software.

This position is extremely important to our companies Motion Capture
Process and will contribute to every area of our production pipeline.

We are looking for a biomechanics specialist with some 3d animation
experience interested in joining an exciting company that is constantly
changing a cutting-edge industry.

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