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San Francisco Sport Biomechanics Conference 2001

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  • San Francisco Sport Biomechanics Conference 2001

    2nd Call for Papers - Deadline February 15, 2001

    International Symposium on Biomechanics in Sport
    National Symposium on Teaching Biomechanics in Sport

    See the conference website for infomation:

    Confirmed Speakers

    ISBS Geoffrey Dyson Lecture
    Peter R. Cavanagh
    The Center for Locomotion Studies
    Penn State University, USA
    "Biomechanics on the International Space Station."

    ISBS Plenary Session Speakers
    Walter Herzog
    Kinesiology, Engineering and Medicine
    University of Calgary, Canada
    "The Biomechanics of Dynamically Contracting Skeletal Muscle."
    Sponsored by Noraxon

    Herbert Hatze
    Head, Department and Laboratory of Biomechanics
    University of Vienna, Austria
    "Power Assessment of Individual Leg Muscle Groups by Multistructural
    Analysis of Symmetric Vertical Maximum Effort Jumps."
    Sponsored by Noraxon

    Glen Fleisig
    Smith+Nephew Chair of Research
    American Sports Medicine Institute, USA
    "The Biomechanics of Throwing."
    Sponsored by Noraxon

    Ewald Hennig
    Biomechanik Labor, Sport- und Bewegungswissenschaften
    Universitaet Essen, Germany
    "Tennis Racket Biomechanics - An Empirical Approach"

    Jeff Broker
    Sport Biomechanist/Manager of Biomechanics and Engineering
    United States Olympic Committee Sport Science & Technology Division
    "Advanced Sport Technologies: Enhancing Olympic Athletic Performance"

    Jill L. McNitt-Gray
    Biomechanics Research Lab
    Departments of Kinesiology, Biomedical Engineering, Biokinesiology and
    Physical Therapy
    University of Southern California, USA
    "Impulse Generation During Jumping and Landing Movements."

    Roger M. Bartlett
    Director, Sport Science Research Institute
    Sheffield Hallam University, U.K.
    "Performance Analysis - Is it the Symbiosis of Biomechanics and Notational
    Analysis, or is it an Illusion?"

    NASPE Teaching Conference Plenary Sessions
    Bob Schleihauf
    Movement Analysis Laboratory Director
    San Francisco State University, USA
    "A CD-Rom Based, Interactive Biomechanics Course."

    Duane Knudson
    California State University - Chico, USA
    "Teaching Biomechanics in the Context of Professional Qualitative Analysis."

    Conference host

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