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I am looking for studies and or information on the concussive tolerance
limit for the human head. My research so far has led me to the WSU
concussion tolerance curve, as well as other information on the Head Injury
Criterion (HIC). These have been helpful, however I am looking for more
specific information on impacts to the occipital region of the head. The
WSU information suggested that there was no significant difference in the
concussive tolerance limit between impacts to the fronal or occipital
regions of the head. Most of the information I have found also gives
examples of head impacts to windshields, which may fracture, and thus soften
the blow to the head.
These impacts also include the rake of the windshield which helps to deflect
the impact.

I am looking for specific information which deals with impacts to the
head (preferably the occipital region) which gives the acceleration, force
and time duration of the impacts, so I can compare them to the impact in
question. (The rear of the head impacts the rear window (glass and aluminum
stays of the sliding glass) of a pick-up truck at a velocity of between 2.8
to 4.5 m/s.)

If you have any information or directions on the above matter please email
me at this address or the following.

Trevor Dinn

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