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Call for papers: IInd International Conference on Motionsystems

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  • Call for papers: IInd International Conference on Motionsystems

    Dear Subscribers of BIOMCH-L,

    on behalf of the organisers I would like to announce the
    following conference:


    IInd International Conference on Motionsystems
    Call for papers and registration, Deadline: January 31th, 2001
    Home page:

    Dear scientist,

    on behalf of the Innovationcollege "Motion Systems" I would like to
    invite you to participate at the "IInd International Conference on
    Motionsystems" from July 17th to July 19th 2001 at the Friedrich
    Schiller-University of Jena.
    The major goal of this conference is to bring together life scientists
    and engineers interested on function and performance of motion
    In the first session on Tuesday organized together with the Society
    of Technical Biology and Bionics (GTBB) biomimetic actuators
    and compliant mechanisms following principles uncovered by
    observing nature are within the center of interest. Parallel to this
    session organized in co-operation with the center of research
    program "Autonomous Walking" of the Deutsche
    Forschungsgemeinschaft legged vehicles and their performance
    are the main focus.
    The sessions on Wednesday concentrate on the performance of
    muscle-skeletal-systems. One session is organized in co-
    operation with the biomechanics group of the German Union of
    Sportscience (dvs). Understanding muscle and joints and their
    influence on performance of the muscle skeletal system is the
    main focus of this session. More basic research is addressed in
    the parallel session organized in co-operation with the German
    Society of Zoology (DZG). Motion from molecule to animals as
    complex systems will be the subject of the presentations. In
    parallel an industrial exhibition on measuring techniques in
    kinesiology, the biomech 2001, will take place. A special session
    may allow the developers to present and explain their latest
    developments. On Thursday the sessions of the DZG and the dvs
    will be continued shifting to control and exercise physiology. A
    special session organized in co-operation with the German
    Physiological Society (DPG) will concentrate on muscle activation
    during locomotion. Thus the subjects treated on Thursday
    smoothly lead over to the meeting organized by the Institute of
    Pathophysiology and to the International Conference on Vertebrate
    Morphology organized by the Special Zoology and Evolutionary
    Biology. If you come from abroad you may also connect your visit
    with participation at other conferences such as the ISB-Congress
    at Zürich.

    We would greatly appreciate your visit. Please register
    immediately! We have kept the conference fees low to facilitate the
    participation of students. Especially, I would very much like to
    welcome many members of the societies listed above.


    Prof. Dr. Reinhard Blickhan
    Group of Biomechanics
    Speaker Innovationcollege "Motion Systems"
    Director Institute of Sportscience

    Prof. Dr. R. Blickhan Friedrich-Schiller-Universität
    Tel.: (03641) 6 30100 Institut für Sportwissenschaften
    Fax: (03641) 6 30109 LSB Biomechanik


    Dr. Petra Meier
    Friedrich Schiller University
    Institute of Sport Science / Biomechanics Group
    Seidelstr. 20, 07749 Jena, Germany
    Phone: ++49(3641)945724
    FAX: ++49(3641)945702

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