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Job Posting - Product Development Engineer, London, Ontario,Cana da

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  • Job Posting - Product Development Engineer, London, Ontario,Cana da


    A dynamic Mechanical Engineer with 2-5 years post-graduate
    engineering experience, is required to work with the Flow Technologies group
    of Trudell Medical International (TMI) on the design, development and
    testing of a sophisticated catheter and control system for the production of
    medicinal aerosols. This system is designed to function within the trachea
    of a patient to deliver fine-particle aerosols directly to the lungs, and
    incorporates a technically-advanced, patented catheter system and a
    microcomputer-based Control Unit.

    To work effectively with the enthusiastic and talented core team of
    five individuals on the AeroProbe(tm) INC project, the Engineer will have
    CAD design skills, stress analysis experience, machine-tool skills, and a
    knowledge of the physics of fluid flow. The Flow Technologies group works in
    a collaborative role with the Product Development group of TMI.

    TMI is a Canadian owned leader in the medical devices industry. The
    organization is headquartered and operates a state-of-the-art facility in
    London, Ontario. The company is engaged in the research, design,
    manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical aerosol delivery devices and
    systems for customers worldwide. In accordance with Ontario legislation,
    any Engineer must meet the requirements for registration with the
    Professional Engineers of Ontario.

    To investigate this exciting Bioengineering opportunity further,
    please forward a resume (Letter, MS-Word, PDF, or e-mail format) by December
    22, 2000 to: Trudell Medical International, HR Manager, 725 Third Street,
    London, Ontario, N5V 5G4, Canada. FAX: 519-455-6478 Email:

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