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concussion tolerance/ Occipital head impact information summary

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  • concussion tolerance/ Occipital head impact information summary


    This is a summary of the information I recieved in regards to my posting. I
    have not had a chance to obtain all the following papers. I have found
    useful information in Ono's paper with cadever head drop tests. The
    apendeces included have tabulated the head accelerations and time durations
    for impact speeds which can be compared to the one in question. The data
    can then be compared to WSU graph, or other tolerance information. It
    should be noted that the the impacted substance was not a windshield, but a
    rubber compound with a durometer of between 20-80.

    Here is other leads which were sent to me.

    Chris Ingersoll has done some work in this area. A couple of his articles
    that I have handy are: The effects of closed-head injury on postural sway.
    Med Sci Sports Exerc 1992 Jul; 24 (7): 739-43.

    The Glasgow Coma Scale for patients with head injuries. CRITICAL CARE NURSE
    1987 Sep-Oct; 7 (5): 26-32.

    This paper should have some more recent info.

    Newman, J., et al.;"A New Biomechanical Assessment of Mild Traumatic Brain
    Injury"; IRCOBI Conference Proceedings 1999 and 2000. Also check out some
    earlier work by Tom Gennerelli (1982, 1968)

    SAE J885 'Human Tolerance to Impact Conditions as Related to Motor Vehicle

    SAE 801303 "Human Head Tolerance to Sagittal Impact- Reliable Estimation
    Deduced From Experimental Head Injury Using Subhuman Primates And Human
    Cadever Skulls" Ono,et al.

    (above paper determines the concussion tolerance curve (WSU)

    The following paer discusses HIC for frontal head impacts into windshields.

    SAE 780900 "Safety Performance of Asymmetric Windshields", Begeman et al.

    The book SAE PT-43 "Biomechanics of Impact Injury and Injury Tolerances of
    the Head-Neck Complex" S. Backaitis editor, 1993 has been useful as well.
    (It contains the above papers as well as others)

    these web sites may be useful

    Try reviewing the proceedings from the Stapp Conferences which is now
    managed by UMTRI ( You might also look at the Society
    of Automotive Engineers (SAE) web sit ( and NHTSA's web site

    At 02:56 PM 12/4/2000 -0800, I wrote:
    >Dear members
    >I am looking for studies and or information on the concussive tolerance
    >limit for the human head. My research so far has led me to the WSU
    >concussion tolerance curve, as well as other information on the Head Injury
    >Criterion (HIC). These have been helpful, however I am looking for more
    >specific information on impacts to the occipital region of the head. The
    >WSU information suggested that there was no significant difference in the
    >concussive tolerance limit between impacts to the fronal or occipital
    >regions of the head. Most of the information I have found also gives
    >examples of head impacts to windshields, which may fracture, and thus
    >the blow to the head.
    >These impacts also include the rake of the windshield which helps to
    >the impact.
    > I am looking for specific information which deals with impacts to the
    >head (preferably the occipital region) which gives the acceleration, force
    >and time duration of the impacts, so I can compare them to the impact in
    >question. (The rear of the head impacts the rear window (glass and aluminum
    >stays of the sliding glass) of a pick-up truck at a velocity of between 2.8
    >to 4.5 m/s.)
    >If you have any information or directions on the above matter please email
    >me at this address or the following.
    >Trevor Dinn
    >Forensic Dynamics Inc.
    >230- 1210 Summit Drive
    >Kamloops, British Columbia
    >V2C 6M1
    >(250) 374-6742 Phone
    >(250) 828-2743 Fax
    >141-757 W. Hastings Street
    >Vancouver, British Columbia
    >V6C 1A1
    >(604) 684-6742 Phone
    >(604) 684-5603 FAX

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