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New textbook of biomechanics

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  • New textbook of biomechanics

    From: Manohar Panjabi
    Subject: New textbook of biomechanics

    Manohar M. Panjabi and Augustus A. White: Biomechanics in the
    Musculoskeletal System. W B Saunders (ISBN: 0443065853,
    or 1 800 545 2522).

    This textbook, written by an engineer and a clinician, is for medical
    professionals and bioengineers engaged in the study of the musculoskeletal
    system. The textbook is designed to teach basic principles of mechanics in
    a way quite different from other biomechanics books. Each biomechanical
    principle or concept is presented in a systematic way, with precise
    definition, description, and abundant use of illustrated-clinical and
    non-clinical examples. Mathematics is kept to absolute minimum. The book is
    divided into nine chapters: 1. The Basics; 2. Motion of Rigid Bodies; 3.
    Motions and Loads; 4. Loads on Rigid Bodies; 5. Materials Under Loads; 6.
    Structures Under Loads; 7. Vibrations; 8. Joint Friction, Wear and
    Lubrication; and 9. Material Properties.

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