There is more than one person in science owning the names
Wilhelm and Weber. Here are some websites and sources that have
information regarding the possible scientists and their publications.
There may be interest in the "wrong" people with the same names amongst
the members of this group. Do not forget to check sources and links in
the websites and sources below to get to additional information such as
lists of publications in biographical works.

Wilhelm Eduard Weber

References for Wilhelm Weber

Britannica Coverage of Wilhelm Weber

Friedrich Wilhelm Weber
Article in Catholic Encyclopedia

Science: to Be, or Not to Be Or, How I Discovered the Swindle of Special

Title: Max Wilhelm Carl Weber, 1852-1937 /
Author(s): Thompson, D'Arcy Wentworth.
Year: 1938
Description: p. 347-355, [1] leaf of plates : p., port.
In: Obituary notices of fellows of the royal society V. 2
Language: English
Named Person: Weber, Max Wilhelm Carl, 1852-1937.
Note(s): Includes bibliography of his published work: p. 353-355.

Title: Friedrich Wilhelm Weber;
Leben und Werk des Dreizehnlindendichters.
Author(s): Buchner, Maximilian, 1881-1941.
Publication: Dlmen in Westfalen, Laumann
Year: 1940
Description: 400 p. p., 20 cm.
Language: German
Named Person: Weber, F. W. (Friedrich Wilhelm), 1813-1894.
Note(s): Includes bibliography.

Title: Wilhelm Eduard Weber.
Erforscher der Wellenbewegung und der Elektrizitt 1804-1891,
Author(s): Wiederkehr, K. H. (Karl Heinrich)
Publication: Stuttgart, Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H.,
Year: 1967
Description: 227 p. p., 22 cm.
Language: German
Series: Grosse Naturforscher,; Bd. 32; Variation: Grosse Naturforscher
;; Bd. 32.
Standard No: LCCN: 67-110594 //r83
Named Person: Weber, Wilhelm Eduard, 1804-1891.
Note(s): Bibliography: p. 205-210.

I hope that this information will be of some help and will have
found among the choices, the person that you were refering to.

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On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, William Connor wrote:

> Wilhelm Weber was a physicist who made has made significant
> contributions to electromagnetic theory. In fact, Weber, the unit for
> magnetic flux was named after him.
> I have heard the he also made contributions to the field of
> Biomechanics. Can anyone provide some reference on his works,
> publications, or books on biomechanics?

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