Dear Biomch-l readers,

I've enjoyed the recent increase in BIOMCH-L use by a few debaters, mostly
from The Netherlands which, together with the USA currently provide most
BIOMCH-L members. US debaters, are you in Congress only?

Biomch-l file storage has now been enabled, and I've stored a few files for
the readership's benefit. More files are to follow next month: as a VAX/VMS
user, I'm used to using TABs instead of spaces, and this won't be pleasant for
IBM users. I'll convert some more files in the future. If you want to try
things out, I suggest that you send the following messages to LISTSERV@HEARN
(but NOT to BIOMCH-L@HEARN, please!):


Since both BIOMCH-L `moderators' will be travelling to ISB-12 (I'm leaving this
Sunday, and Ton van den Bogert a few days later), BIOMCH-L management might
suffer a bit. However, I'll try and establish temporary facilities at a number
of places. Anyone wishing to get in touch with me can reach me at GTW@PSUECL
(CELOS, Penn State University) until Thursday 22 June 9.00 EDST and then
possibly until Friday 30 June 18.00 h PDST at IBN7RFZ@UCLAMVS (Ron Zernicke,
ISB-12); both are BITNET addresses. After that time, I'll be off until 17 July,
while Ton tells me that he'll be back as of 2 July but with one week off again

Have a nice summer holiday, and I hope to see many of you in Davis and/or Los

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven, The Netherlands;
list moderator, BIOMCH-L@HEARN.EARN.