Late Friday afternoon our Grand Rounds Speaker called and cancelled for his
Tuesday (1/30/2001) morning talk. When the Department Chair asked if I
could fill in and talk about general Biomechanics (forces, vectors, etc.), I
agreed as I knew I had the slide presentation already made up from a
previous job. Well over the week end I found the presentation, but it is
was done in a Harvard Graphics, the DOS version. I have the slides, but not
the program. I don't know anyone at my previous job anymore to call & see if
the program still exist somewhere (been a few years & we were using
Powerpoint before I left).

Does anyone have a DOS version of HG that will read the *.HG3 & *.SH3 files
that they could ZIP & send me. I remember that the DOS version of the
program (at least enough to run a slide show) would fit on a disk when
Zipped. If so please email me the file ASAP and I would be much thankful.

As soon as I convert the few show I have in HG I will delete the program
from my computer.

I thank you in advance for your help.

Nate Jarboe
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