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Studentships in Neuroscience at Penn State

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  • Studentships in Neuroscience at Penn State

    Studentships in Movement Neuroscience at Penn State (Integrative

    The Position:
    We are currently seeking graduate students to join our studies examining
    neural control of limb dynamics. Our laboratory is funded by NIH, National
    Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research. Studentships are available
    through the integrative biosciences division of Penn State for study in
    Neuroscience. For more information on our laboratory, please visit To get more information on the
    studenship, or to apply, please visit the Integrative Biosciences web site

    The Department:

    Penn State Kinesiology program is one of the strongest movement science
    program in the United States. We have world renowned researchers in almost
    every area of human movement science. Students in our program benefit from
    the rich, educational environment in the department of Kinesiology at Penn
    State. Our research environment includes : The Movement Neuroscience
    Laboratory, directed by Dr Robert Sainburg. The Center for Locomotion
    Studies (CELOS) under the directiorship of Drs. Peter Cavanagh, the
    Biomechanics Laboratory, directed by Dr. Vladmir Zatsiorsky, the Motor
    Control Laboratory, directed by Dr. Mark Latash, the Action Laboratory,
    directed by Dr. Dagmar Sternad, the Psychophysiology of movement Laboratory,
    directed by Dr. Semyon Slobounov, Dr. Karl Newell's Motor Control and
    Learning Laboratory, the Sensorimotor Development Laboratory of Dr. Jan
    Visser, the Perception and Movement Laboratory, directed by Dr. David
    Rosenbaum (Psychology Department), and the world renowned Noll Physiology

    The Program in Neuroscience:

    The Neuroscience program is an interdisciplinary major, organized by the
    Life Sciences Consortium. This option emphasizes research training rather
    than classroom instruction, flexibility of curriculum to provide a unique
    experience for each student, a professional development "survival skills"
    course to prepare students for a diversity of careers, and opportunities for
    multidisciplinary research. A key aspect of the Integrative Biosciences
    program is that University Park (UP) Neuroscience students will spend the
    spring semester of their first year on the Hershey Campus, to broaden their
    education in basic neuroscience, to experience at least one laboratory
    rotation, and to participate in courses.

    The University and Life
    State College provides a metropolitan atmosphere in a small town
    environment. It is nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, and is surrounded by
    a beautiful rural atmosphere. Outdoor activities are generally free and are
    minutes away, including swimming, boating, hiking, ishing, hunting, alpine
    and cross country skiing, snowshoing, etc. Penn State nurtures a rich
    performing arts atmosphere, providing an abundance of plays, shows, and
    concerts. Penn State hosts many artistic and political events. In short, the
    atmosphere is stimulating and fun. Cost of living is low, while quality of
    living is high.


    To apply, please visit the Integrative Biosciences web site at

    Robert L. Sainburg, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Physiology, and Neuroscience
    Pennsylvania State University
    266 Recreation Building
    University Park PA 16802
    Tel.: (814)-865-7937

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