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Gait EMG Signal Processing

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  • Gait EMG Signal Processing

    Dear all,

    I have taken EMG data for Tibialis Anterior across a wide range of speeds during gait. I am using an RMS midpoint moving average to analyse the EMG amplitude changes across this range of speeds( 0.6m/s-1.8m/s ). Specifically I am looking at how the two main EMG peaks and the mean across the stride vary with changing speed.

    I am trying to establish what the is the correct / optimum window length that should be used for the RMS calculation at a particular speed and how this should vary as speed changes.

    Hershler and Milner 1978 looked at vastus lateralis and rectus femoris returning a broad range of values (40-350ms). St-Amant et al. 1998 have examined the question in a static situation but there doesn't seem to be much work done on dynamic situations. Does anyone know of any other relevant literature published in the area or have any have any suggestions to solve this problem.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

    Best Regards
    CiarĂ¡n Byrne

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