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Use of plananr x-rays to calculate hip joint centre

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  • Use of plananr x-rays to calculate hip joint centre


    I am looking at methods to obtain a 3D position of the hip joint centre
    relative to external markers placed on the ASIS and PSIS. This would seem to
    be possible (in theory) by back projection from 2 planar X-rays if a
    calibration object with 8 known points is included in both images.

    What I have not been able to find out (I have searched the archives and the
    web) are the realities of this method - specifically the level of errors.
    Ideally I would like to know the marker positions to within 2mm - is this a
    realistic aim?

    An alternative method is to use MRI, again does anyone know the accuracy of
    the 3D positions as calculated by MRI in the 3 planes (I assume this varies
    with the machine model - but a rough idea would be very welcome).

    I shall post a summary of replies, thank you in anticipation,

    Penny Hewart
    Clinical Engineer
    Gait Lab, CRC

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