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Symposium on Optical Methods in Biomechanics

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  • Symposium on Optical Methods in Biomechanics

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    I think that the following information will be interesting for most
    of our subscribers.

    Krystyna Gielo-Perczak, Co-moderator Biomch-L


    1 Day Symposium on


    to be held at

    Queen Mary & Westfield College University of London


    Thursday, 16th September 1993

    This one day symposium is being organised by the Bioengineering
    Measurements Technical Group of the British Society for Strain Measurement
    in association with the Italian Association for Experimental Stress Analysis
    (AIAS) and the European Society of Biomechanics (ESB). It will comprise
    a series of keynote lectures on special topics along with scientific
    research papers. There will be time for questioning and discussion and
    sessions for poster presentations will be included.

    The aim of the day's presentations is to inform delegates of the
    different aspects of optical techniques with a view to their use in new
    areas. The presentations will be focused on the variety of techniques
    available and their applications, rather than on interpretation of the

    The meeting will be of interest to people with varied backgrounds, from
    engineers in industry and research establishments, to those with a medical
    training. It will be of relevance to senior personnel to provide an overview
    of techniques and equally to research students wishing to use optical
    techniques in their work.

    The day will include presentations on:

    * Photoelasticity

    * Holographic interferometry

    * Electronic speckle pattern interferometry

    * Moire fringe methods

    * Displacement measurements


    Contributions are invited for the topics outlined and other relevant
    topics within the theme of the day.

    Abstracts not exceeding 450 words should be submitted to the meeting
    secretariat at the address below by 30 June 1993.

    For further details contact:

    Dr John Orr,
    Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering,
    The Queen's University of Belfast,
    Ashby Building,
    Stranmillis Road,
    Belfast, BT9 5AH

    Tel: 0232 245133
    Fax: 0232 661729

    Dr Julia Shelton,
    IRC in Biomedical Materials,
    Queen Mary & Westfield College,
    Mile End Road,
    London, E1 4NS

    Tel: 071 9755272
    Fax: 071 9831799