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    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    A happy and productive New Year to you all. In the coming
    period, I will try to keep you informed about new developments in
    world-wide computer networks. There are many interesting things
    going on in that area. Today the first installment in that

    A relatively new service available on the Internet is an online
    library that lets you browse through the table of contents of
    many, many journals. It is even possible to have journal
    articles sent to you by FAX on the same day, for a fee of about
    $10 (at least in North America) which can be paid by credit-card.
    There is no fee for looking at table of contents. The
    user-interface is not very efficient, and documents are not (yet)
    available in electronic form, but it is a welcome step in the
    right direction.

    This service (CARL) is available by TELNETting to Just type 'telnet' and follow
    the instructions. Here in Calgary, CARL is also accessible
    through one of the menus in GOPHER, which is an increasingly
    popular, menu-driven information retrieval program. Type
    'gopher' to find out. If you do not have TELNET or GOPHER,
    you're out of luck. Sorry. Following this message, as an
    example, is part of a dialogue with the CARL system.

    -- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L moderator
    University of Calgary
    Connected to

    [text deleted - TvdB]

    Welcome to the CARL System
    (Release A.101)

    A Computerized Network of Systems and Services

    Developed by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
    Marketed and supported by CARL Systems, Inc.

    3801 East Florida St., Suite 300
    Denver, Co. 80210
    Voice: 303-758-3030
    Fax: 303-758-0606

    PRESS TO START THE PROGRAM (use //EXIT to return HOME)>>

    >>>> Welcome to The CARL System > ?
    =================== UnCover2 Help (3) =======================

    Special Accounts -- Deposit accounts -- may be established
    for an institution, for a department within an institution or
    company, or for individuals.

    Deposit Account Managers can determine account balances online
    at any time, using proper passwords and instructions.

    Monthly reports on deposit account transactions are
    provided to the account manager.

    For more information, please contact Carl Systems, Inc. at
    (303) 758-3030 or (internet address)

    Press to return to UnCover2

    If you would like a FAX copy of the article, please
    enter a MASTERCARD or VISA number, or Special Account ID,
    ? for more information, or to exit >>>
    telnet> Connection closed.