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    I am not sure whether you could help or perhaps you could point me in the
    right direction. I developing some ideas about the winter olympic games for
    a BBC 'Tomorrow's World' programme next year. I would like to talk to
    experts who are involved in the development of super texiles/equipment. Do
    you know of any texiles being made which are being or will be used by
    skiers/snowboarders/bobsleighs, (particularly women who are competiting in
    this for the first time. I would also like to talk to any biomechanics who
    are involved in the development of novel ideas in relation to training and
    or techniques.
    I am really interested in anything that has not been published and is going
    to be used by the atheletes at Salt Lake City. This is only preliminary
    research which I would like to use just for development.
    This might not be your area but i would be grateful if you could help me in
    any way. I really need any information by today! Heres hoping that someone
    is able to get back to me today.
    Many thanks and kind regards
    Liz Allen

    (0208 752 6299)

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