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Gaitway for gait analysis

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  • Gaitway for gait analysis

    I am looking for "blueprints" on how to build a gait analysis walkway
    that will be used in my office (podiatrist) for video analysis. I
    know the dimensions are usually 30' long by 6' wide and typically
    they are 6" high but I need the specs for how to build the actual
    walkway (how many support beams need to be placed, etc.). I have
    cement floors in my office. Force plates will not be used in this
    walkway. I am using walkway for clinical analsysis only and I need
    it to be raised for the video taping. Any help would be
    appreciated. Thank you.

    Michelle A. Guiliano, DPM
    Performance Foot Center
    Rutland, VT 05701

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