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Biomechanics applied to volleyball's pass

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  • Biomechanics applied to volleyball's pass

    Dear Michael

    I had recived your e-mail.
    I hope help more people with my e-mail.l.

    " I am an portuguese Physical Education student and I'm doing a work about volleyball's pass.
    If it's possible to help me, please send me the location to search,
    or information about Biomechanics applied to volleyball's pass."

    This was my first e-mail. At mean time I had allready found some authors and papers, like:
    "Simulation of ball handing in overhead passing in Volleyball", by Masaaki Okauchi, Hiroshi Maeda & Yoshio Shimada, from Faculty of Engineering, Oita University, Oita-City, Oita, Japan
    With references from Kobayashi, K. (1987). Shock on body in sports. Journal of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering, 90(828), 1457-1462.
    Matsui, S. (1958). Physical activity and CG of human body. Tokyo: Kyorin Shoin.

    "An Analysis of the Volleyball Pass", by Kihachi Ishii & Kazuyo Minagawa, from Landry, Fernand; Orban, William A. R., "Biomechanics os sportes and Kinathnopometry", Symposium Specialists Incorporated, Miami Florida, USA, 1978

    This are the more specifics ones that I had found about the arms movements in the pass in Volleyball. I am locking for some more books, authors and papers to relationate this movement to some exercises to get technically better and in phisiology more efficient at the competition. And how to work the tecnique with young athletes and pupils of Physical Education. This are the two bigs finality's of my seek.

    Many thanks
    Salomé de Oliveira Pais Matos
    Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologia
    Lisboa, Portugal

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