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  • source of Head forms

    Many thanks to all those who responded to my request for companies supplying
    head forms for impact testing. I received the following responses and
    several members of the list requested the information to be passed on to
    them. I hope this reposting to the list will suffice.


    Robert U. Newton Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Physical Education
    Director, Biomechanics Laboratory
    Coordinator, Biomechanics Programs
    Ball State University
    Muncie IN 47306 United States of America
    Telephone (Int+1)(765)285 5139
    Facsimile (Int+1)(765)747 5098

    ======================START OF REPLIES====================
    First Technology Safety Systems ( and Denton ATD
    Pete Kempf
    Sr. Research Engineer
    Breed Technologies

    There are several companies in the US that sell head forms for
    anthropomorphic test dummies used in automotive impact testing. You can call
    the following persons for more information.

    First Technology Safety Systems
    Gordie Morgan

    Denton ATD
    Randy Kelly

    N. Rangarajan

    I hope this info helps.

    - Mike Kleinberger
    Dr. Michael Kleinberger, Manager
    Transportation Safety and Biomechanics
    Johns Hopkins University
    Applied Physics Laboratory
    11100 Johns Hopkins Road
    Laurel, MD 20723-6099

    Phone: 443-778-7289
    Fax: 443-778-6914


    Good Morning Dr. Newton,

    I won't give you a list because there is to my knowledge, not much of a list
    to give. Depending on the type of testing you want to do their are only a
    few headforms and therefore manufactures that I am aware of. If you could
    tell me what kind of impact testing you want to do, I'd be happy to ask
    around the company and compile a list and give a recommendation.

    Cameron Barr, B.Eng.
    Biokinetics & Associates, Ltd.
    2470 Don Reid Dr.
    Ottawa, ON.
    K1H 1E1
    (p) 613-736-0384 ext. 234
    (f) 613-736-0990



    Try or - these are both crash test dummy
    acturers located in Northern Ohio and Michigan, respectively.

    Alena Hagedorn
    Supervisor, Biomechanics Research Engineering
    Transportation Research Center Inc.


    I assume your can find information about the NOCSAE head form by
    Southern Impact Research Center (SIRC)
    1817 Allor Avenue Knoxville
    TN 37921
    Voice: 885 523-1662
    Fax: 865 523-1233

    (We acquired a NOCSAE head drop system years ago)

    Con Hrysomallis, PhD.
    Victoria University


    I have an address of a company in Canada that sells headforms:
    Hope this helps.

    CADEX inc
    85 Rousillon
    St. Jean-sur-Richelieu
    J3B 8NZ
    tel 001-514-348-6774
    fax 001-514-348-7157


    Will Morgan


    I have several contacts for biomechanical test headforms. The headform you
    require depends upon the type of headform that you need ... and different
    headforms are available from different people.

    If you need a NOCSAE headform, you need to contact Mr. Dave Halstead at U.
    ( or Dr. Trey Crisco ( This
    is also called the WSU headform and was originally designed by Voigt Hodgson
    Wayne State University (WSU).

    If you need headforms to test for DOT 218 (motorcycle helmets), then you
    need to
    contact Controlled Castings in Plainview, NY - the last phone number I have
    516 349 1717

    If you need ISO headforms for testing to ASTM or CPSC standards (i.e.
    helmets, skateboard helmets, etc.), then you need to contact Mr. Serge
    of Cadex. They are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada ... the phone number
    450 348 6774 (Fax#: 450 348 7157)

    If you need to conduct automobile like impacts (i.e. into a windshield or a
    windshield header), then you should purchase a hybrid III headform
    (basically a
    crash test dummy) --- you can purchase these from First Technology in
    Michigan ( 734 451 7878, FAX 734 451 9549.

    Good Luck,

    Terry Smith, Ph.D.
    Director of Research
    Head Protection Research Laboratory
    Paramount, CA

    ================================================== =

    The company the sells or rent head for impact testing is is First technology
    safety systems:

    Rafael Bahamonde PhD.
    School of Physical Education IUPUI
    901 West New York Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46202

    ====================END OF REPLIES========================================

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