Dear Biomch-L Colleagues,

I am pleased to pass on the following message regarding a job
opportunity in Seattle, Washington. Since I know nothing about the
job, please don't contact me!

Kit Vaughan

Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1993
From: Joseph Czerniecki
Subject: job description for biomechanics bulletin board
To: kvaughan@Virginia.EDU

Dear Kit,

Thanks for your help in getting this posted. I now have an E-mail
acct although I would prefer though that
any responses be made by telephone (206) 764-2222 as at the moment
since this is a more facile means of communication for me. The job
description is as follows:


The Seattle VA Medical Center, Human Motion Analysis Laboratory is
looking for a research associate to conduct both clinical gait
analysis and biomechanical research studies on lower extremity
amputees. This work involves biomechanical data collection using
ground reaction force plates and a video based motion analysis
system, metabolic data collection using the Douglas bag technique,
as well as some hardware interface development and software
generation/modification. We are looking for an individual who is
a US citizen and has either a bachelors or masters degree in
clinical bioengineering or kinesiology. Please contact:

Joseph M. Czerniecki, MD at (206) 764-2222.